14/05/2019 As from Sunday 19 May 2019 Eddie Wynne will be taking names for the clubs singles knockout competition

                                                                                 CLUB MEMBERS ONLY

4/11/2018    I have been asked to remind all members that your membership renewal should be paid to Eddie Wynne by the 1st  January 2019 Eddie will be ready to collect your money as from this coming Sunday match Thank you.

12/09/2018   MATCH NOW FULL      
On Sunday 16/09/2018 it is a inter club match with PSV on Paddock lake so anyone wishing to fish  Please Phone Mike Chapman to Book in as numbers are limeted thank you CLUB MEMBERS ONLY

9/07/2018   As from 9/07/2018 any prize money not collected from the match Secretary within six  weeks of the date won will go back into the club funds as unclaimed this rule will apply to
 ALL members including the members that think rules do not apply to them.

9/07/2018    on the 2nd September 2018 we are not at Acorn. So we have a match at Emerald lakes  can you book with Mike Chapman if you wish to fish this match as soon as possible please as we need to have some idea of numbers to what lake to book Club Members only.

2/05/2018 Forthcoming Match news

Sunday 13th May Match on Acorn Paddock we only have 20 pegs so please book your place ASAP to avoid disapointment. Also on the 27th May we have a inter club match with  Bristol psv on Paddock only 14 pegs per club so book ASAP. To book any or both of the matches phone Mike Chapman on  07941 348477 Club Members only

19/4/2018 Singles Knockout Rules

The first round must be fished by the end of the match on  20th MAY 2018 that  gives you five Sundays

 ( May 22nd,29th,6th,13th,20th. )

The Second round must be fished By the end of the match on 24th June gives you five Sundays
 ( May 27th, June 3rd,10th, 17th, 24th, )

The third  round must be fished By the end of the match on 29th July gives you five Sundays
 ( July 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th, )

The Final round will be a fish off by three anglers for 1st,  2nd and 3rd place August / September

If anglers have not fished their singles match within the five weeks allowed as above the angler who has fished the most club matches within the five weeks of the round you were fishing will go through to the next round. If all else fails a coin toss
will decide.

The Singles knockout organiser is Corruption Consultant  Eddie Wynne


22/03/2018 As from Sunday 25/03/2018 the fishing match times will be  10 am to 4 pm and do not forget that the clocks go forward  on Saturday night. The Draw is still 8.45 am

7/03/2018  Notice to all southwest over 50s and disabled The club are on the top lake this Sunday 11/03/2018 and is restricted to 12  members, if you want to fish ring Mike early to avoid disappointment. Match now Full

3/3/2018The Southwest dac Sunday Match at Acorn Paddock lake for tomarrow 4/3/2018 Is on, it will go ahead as usual Mike Chapman will be there at the normal times to take your money. Members only.

19/02/2018 The Southwest over 50 and Disabled Angling Club lost one of its most respected anglers on Saturday the 17th February 2018, Charlie Barns who will be surely missed. Charlie who was 69 years of age put a great deal of effort into his fishing and was regarded as one of the best silvers anglers on the commercial circuit, He also helped out with sponsorship over the years when he had a bait farm, and sponsored the Avon Bait Match Squad who’s members were very successful individually and as a team for years.  A great ambassador to the sport of angling and his cry of vermin and his wit will be missed by all on the Paddock at Acorn Fishery. Our Thoughts are with his family at such a sad time. R.I.P Charlie   

Wednesday 14/02/2018 If you wish to enter for this years singles knock out competition please contact Eddie Wynne ASAP please.

£5.00 entery fee. This Competition is for club Members only.

Also as from this year you will have to fish 25 Club matches to be entitled to a money voucher in December. Club Members only.


Sunday 17th December our match will be on the Top Lake due to Clevedon having their Xmas match on the Paddock that day so please book with Mike Chapman if you wish to fish.
Sunday 31st of December New Years Eve there will be a club match on Paddock. Members only, so will members who wish to fish please book with Mike Ckapman so he can judge wether there is support for the match. Thank You

Membership Renewal for 2018 : To renew your membership for 2018 please make your payment to Eddie Wynne when you attend your next Sunday Match at Acorn Fishery or by the First of January Eddie will be Available to take your subs as from this coming Sunday 26/11/17 Thank you

 Sunday 19th November 2017 it will be our Poppy Match at Acorn Paddock so can Members wishing to fish this match please book your place  with Mike Chapman  Tel 07941348477 ASAP Thank you

7/09/2017 Mike Laird is now the Club Treasurer

On the 31st of August the new Match fees will rise from £12 to £15 to cover new section  payouts the new payout list was handed out to members at last sundays match 23/7/2017 if  you would like a copy ask Eddie Wynne and he will supply you with a copy on Sunday.

 August 6th we have limited pegs only 24 due to another club sharing the lake so please book with Mike  Chapman  to fish this match. Club members only.

 On Sunday July 23rd 2017 we have a inter club match with PSV   on Acorn paddock. Pegs will be limited for both clubs so please     book as soon as possible as it will fill up very fast. Come and   enjoy the fun as PSV always has a joker in the pack. Members only

27/03/2017 Anyone wishing to fish the club Knock out please Book in with Mike Chapman as soon as possible.

There has been a change within the commitee as Ted Bethel requested that he retires from his post as Secretary & Treasurer. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ted on Behalf of all the Club Members for all he has done for the club over the years. Colin Butler has taken over as Secretary and Treasurer. We hope this meets with all the Club Members approval. If anyone has any concerns with the selected people please consult with our Corruption Consultant Eddie Wynne.

Ted Bethel        

Mike Chapman  ( Match Secretary )

Eddie Wynne     ( Corruption Consultant )

Phil Coulam       

Colin Butler       

Mike Laird          (Treasurer )

9/03/2017 We have a inter club match at Acorn on Sunday April 2nd with the Bristol PSV club. Pegs will be limited so if you wish to fish this match please book in ASAP  Tel Mike Chapman on 07941348477 Club Members only.

 8/1/2017                                                                               MEMBERSHIP FEES NOW DUE

  I have been asked to remind all members that all membership renewal fees are now due for 2017 and should be paid by the end of January to Ted Bethel any problems please contact Ted thank you.

 14/12/2016     Our first club match of 2017 will be on sunday   January 1st on Paddock lake usual draw times. Members only

 31/10/2016 Anyone wishing to fish the club xmas match on the 4th  December please book your place with Mike Chapman Tel 07941 348477 members only

5/10/2016 Sunday November 6th 2016 at Acorn Paddock lake the match will be a POPPY match anyone wishing to fish this match please book your place with Mike Chapman on 07941348477 ASAP please.

3/10/2016 On the 16/10/2016 the Sunday Match on Paddock will be shared so only 20 pegs so please book in with mike Chapman to secure your place


There will no longer be any food (Breakfast ) available at Acorn fishery or at any time in the future


on Sunday September 18th 2016. Members will be competing for the Club Memorial Shield. This  will be annual. So please put the dates on your calendar. As always it is for club members only.

On Sunday 7th August 2016 the club match on Paddock lake. will be restricted to 20 pegs only, as the lake will be shared with Clevedon so please book  in with Mike Chapman on 07941 348477

Sunday 14 August 2016 the club match on Paddock lake. Members will be competing for the Tom Newall Memorial Shield. This will be an annual competition. Also on Sunday September 18th 2016. Members will be competing for the Club Memorial Shield. This also will be annual. So please put the dates on your calendar. As always it is for club members only.

14/05/2016 The club has been informed that Keith Firks has sadly passed away. The family will let the club know the Funeral arrangements when they have
been made. Our thoughts are with his family.

29/04/2016 The club has been informed that Mike Lockyer has sadly passed away. The Funeral will be on the 11th May at Woodlands Memorial Chapel

12 oclock. Our thoughts are with his family.


Next Sunday 17/04/2016 the cafe at Acorn fishery will be closed for the day so there will not be any  breakfast available for that day

28/03/2016 Just to remind everyone that f1 are now classed as carp and do not go in with the silvers at acorn lakes as the Corruption Consultant Eddie Wynne pointed out to me yesterday. This is a club match rule and not a fishery rule.

29/02/2016 Any Club Members who wish to fish the Singles Knockout please contact Ted Bethel  with their name and entry fee of £5 as soon as possible thank you

18/01/2016 Ray Cooper fell off of his bike and broke his arm so will not be fishing for some time. Best wishes Ray from all our Members. Also Bob Warren was on his way to our Sunday match at Acorn yesterday and had an accident in his car. Thankfully no one was hurt but Bobs car has been written off so he no longer has any transport. He would be glad of a lift on sundays  from anyone if possible.

14/01/2016                                                                          MEMBERSHIP FEES NOW DUE

  I have been asked to remind all members that all membership renewal fees are now due for 2016 and should be paid by the end of January to Ted Bethel any problems please contact Ted thank you.


7/01/2016 NEW FISHERY RULES As from today 7/1/2016 you must use three keep nets at Acorn Fishery  one net for  Silvers, one net for small carp & F1s , and one net for large carp. The maximum net weights has not been changed.

13/11/2015 I have been asked to let members know that the family of Dave Bacon has requested that the funeral for Dave will be Family Only. I would like to also say how shocked we all were to hear about the loss of Dave. He will be greatly missed by all the members of our club and we wish to send our condolences to all the family.

19/10/2015 Dave Blakemore has been in Hospital and had a op and the latest report is that he is now home and doing well and will be back fishing very soon. All the best Dave from all at the club.

8/09/2015 On Sunday 15 November instead of the normal club match there will be a open match sponsored by Adrian And Bev  they will put up a £100 prize money and are asking the local tackle shops to donate prizes. The entery money has not been decided yet but southwest dac will be given first opportunity

Of tickets. More info will be posted as and when available. Any enquiries to Mike Chapman.

17/08/2015 At Yesterdays  match a commitee was formed from people whose names were nominated by members. So the commitee members are

Ted Bethel         ( Chairman and Secretary )

Mike Chapman  ( Match Secretary )

Eddie Wynne     ( Corruption Consultant )

Phil Coulam       

Colin Butler       

If anyone has any concerns with the selected people please consult with our Corruption Consultant.

5/08/2015 I have been asked by Ted Bethel and Mike Chapman to post the following Message for all Members.

For the future of the Club ( South West Disabled & over 50 Angling Club ) they feel that a committee should be elected  to help with the running of the Club. It would also give a more open view when making Club decisions. So Club members are being asked to nominate names of people they would like to sit on the committee (Please do not put your own name forward) give Ted or Mike any names you would like to be nominated. And there will be a vote to elect the final committee members.

20/07/2015 On Sunday 9/08/2015 the Match will be on Top Lake so can you Book in with Mike, also on Sunday 30/08/2015 the Match is booked at Windmill so please support the club and book ASAP with Mike we need at least 14 people to have the whole lake to our selves and have the best pegs.

8/07/2015 Charlie Barnes was admited to Hospital on Friday after suffering a stroke. But the latest report  that we received, most of his movement and sight is returning. I was also told he must be getting better as he has started moaning again. All the best and a speedy recovery Charlie.

25/05/2015 Owing to the lack of interest the match at  Ivy House 31/05/2015 has been cancelled anyone wishing to fish the Acorn top lake on that day please book in to Mike Chapman Tel 07941 348477

18/05/2015 On Sunday 31 May 2015 the Match has been booked for Ivy House on the New Cannel 17 pegs. Owing to the low attendence at windmill this week we need you to book for this match as SOON AS POSSIBLE. If we do not get a good response the match could be cancelled. please call Mike on 07941 348477

8/05/2015 There are only three pegs left for sundays Match on the top lake. The Paddock lake will re-open on Tuesday 12/05/2015.
if you wish to book in for the match at Windmill on Sunday the 17/05/2015 please do so as soon as possible so you are not disapointed.


On Sunday the 10/05/2015 there will be a match on the top lake because the paddock will be shut. So if you wish to fish on the Sunday please give Mike a ring asp only 15 pegs.


Because there will be no match on Sunday, Mike will be running a match  for club members on the top lake on Saturday, so it will be limited to 15 pegs only so if you wish to fish this match please let Mike Chapman know as soon as possible Tel 07941 348477

28/04/2015 This is a copy of the email that Bev from Acorn sent to Ted Bethel today and why the match has been cancelled on Sunday.

We have had a fish loss on the Paddock Lake just roach & a few bream. We reported to EA & CFAS and they visited on Monday took samples of the fish, they have said that due to a Algae Bloom which then reduced oxygen levels, also because of the time of year being spring their immune system is at it’s lowest together with all of their energy trying to sporn it has caused stress. So the decision was made to close the Paddock all of this week inc Sunday and hopefully we should be back to normal from Monday 4th May. We are awaiting test results but CFAS doesn’t think it is serious.

Please just forward this email to all concerned at the moment.

Will keep you informed.




28/04/2015 Will Members who turn up to fish Sunday and Thursday matches please remember that the match draw is 8.45. So members should make sure they are booked in and paid for the match before 8.35. If you do not book in and have your name on the list how do the Match organisers know you are there. Also one of the fishery rules is no meat to be used on the lakes MEAT IS BANNED I am not sure wether new members were told when they joined the club.  

Ted Bethal received a letter from the funeral directors of the late Tom Newall. Tom Requested that Donations from his funeral came to our fishing club Ted has now received the donations and they will be used to purchase a trophy or shield and a yearly club competition will be arranged for members to fish. Also Bev at Acorn will arrange for a plaque to be fitted to a bench at the fishery in Toms Memory.

13/04/2015 Next Sunday 19/04/15 we are at Sedges Tile lake the match is full so if anyone that has booked in for the match can not make it can you please let mike Chapman know as soon as posible as there is a waiting list for this match  thank you

16/03/2015 The Funeral of Tom Newall  will be held on Wednesday 25th March 3.30 pm at Bedminster Down. Southwest DAC will be donating £25 to the Heart Foundation and a card has been sent to the Family on behalf of all members.  

9/03/2015  It is with a sad heart the club has been informed of the death of Tom Newall Who passed away on Sunday. The club will post details of the funeral once we have them.

24/01/15 Please Hurry and renew your Membership as there are people waiting to Join and take your place. Please let Ted Bethel know if you are rejoining this year or not Thank you

5/01/2015 As from Sunday 18/01/2015 Ted Bethel will be taking names and entry fee of £5 for this years Singles knock out competition. Only 32 places so make sure you book and pay your entry to get a place. Also don't forget to renew your 2015 MEMBERSHIP now due. Thank you and hope you all have a good 2015 fishing.


The presentation for the top of the average’s and the knockout was made by the Chairman Ted Bethel with venue expert Mike Chapman taking the overall and the Silver with John ( Turkey) Thompson winning the knockout.

8/12/2014 MEMBERSHIPS for any new people wishing to become members, or if you are on the waiting list, the joining fee including your first years membership will be £ 20.00 and then £ 5.00 each year to rejoin until further notice. For existing members wishing to renew for another year, the fee is £ 5.00 and due from now until the end of January at the latest. Anyone who has not renewed by the end of January will be presumed as not renewing and their place offered to some one on the waiting list.

8/12/2014 The top weight of the year was Dave Bacon with 170 lb 15 oz from Paddock peg 9 on the 7/9/2014. The top silvers weight was Mike Chapman with 84 lb 11 oz from Paddock peg 40 on the 5/10/2014.

28/11/2014 The xmas match on the 14/12/2014 is full if you are not booked in there will be no available pegs for you if you are not sure wether you booked in please check with Mike Chapman so you do not have a wasted journey. If you are booked in and can not make the match please let mike know so he can try to fill your place Thank You

13/10/2014 I have been asked by Mike to remind all of the members that the Thursday matches are still taking place every other week. But we could do with more support so please if you would like to fish please check the dates on the diary page and book in with Mike Chapman on 07941348477.

23/09/2014 On Sunday 28/09/2014 we only have 20 pegs on paddock + the top lake so please phone Mike to book in

04/07/2014 Over the last few weeks there has been discussions within the club about re categorising F1s. This mater has been put to Bev, Adrian and the Clevedon club. The outcome is that F1s stay as Silvers.
Clevedon Club are holding their Xmas Match on Sunday December 21st so there will be no Southwest DAC Match on that day but you can book in to fish the match with Clevedon if you wish. More details will be available in the next few weeks.

25/05/2014 I have just received an email asking me to inform everyone that Adrian and Bev have now decided to keep the meat ban in place. This is all I have been told as soon as I get any more info I will let you all now . Always look at this page when you visit this site for the latest info thank you.

22/05/2014 As from the 1/06/2014 the meat ban at Acorn will be lifted, but you are only allowed a maximum of two tins per person.
Also as from now there will be random checks on your fishing hooks etc to make sure everyone is using barbless hooks as there is a increase in damage to the fishes mouths.

16/05/2014 what glorious weather. With people on holiday and others already committed only six fished yesterday on the top lake Mike Chapman took first place with 47 lb 12 oz . Second was Charlie Barnes with 34 lb 11 oz. The Silvers was won by Charlie Barnes with 25 lb 13 oz and second was John Barker with 20 lb 06 oz

2/05/2014 Thursdays Match on the Top Lake went well with all anglers having a share of the fish. 1st place was taken by Geoff Stones with 54 lb 08 oz. 2nd was Eddy Wynne with 43 lb 10 oz. 3rd Charlie Barnes with 39 lb 03 oz. The Silvers winner was Charlie Barnes with 24 lb 07 oz. 2nd Barry Fitchu with 22 lb 08 oz. 3rd Harry Muir with 17 lb 01 oz.

17/04/2014 Well it looked a promising day when we all arrived at acorn this morning the sun was shinning with a breeze. But it soon changed once the match had started cloudy cold and windy but fish were being caught with twelve people fishing. Barry Fitchu took First place with 42 lb 12 oz. In Second place was Lee Waller with 38 lb 08 oz and Third place was taken by Mike Chapman with 34 lb 05 oz. Barry Fitue was First in the silvers with 26 lb. Second was Charlie Barns with 21 lb 08 oz.

3/04/2014 Back on Top Lake today after a two month break Nine fishing it was a good return with some nice fish being caught
Geoff Stones took first prize with 37 lb Second was Barry Fitchu with 29 lb 11 oz the Silvers was won by Charlie Barns with 16 lb 7 oz
all Roach some of them were around a pound. Charlie decided to chance driving to his peg this morning despite being told not to but had to have his car pushed around the lake at the end of the day

24/03/2014 This is the Results of the match on Thursday 13/03/2014 First Geoff Stones 49 lb 08 oz peg 17. Second Keith Ray 22 lb 14 oz peg 5. Third Keith Firks 11 lb 11 oz peg ?. Forth Mike Chapman 8 lb 14 oz peg 13 . Sorry for the delay with this posting.

28/2/2014 Because the Kingswood over 50 s had a match on paddock lake, our members that arrived to fish the Thursday match agreed to have a change and fish the specimen lake. Eight members turned up but only three weighed in. First was Dave Bacon with 13lb 5oz Dave had one carp 9 lb and a tench of 4 lb. In second place was Barry Fitchu with 6 lb 2 oz third was Mike Chapman with 3 lb 5 oz. And the Kingswood over 50 s had a hard day on Paddock lake.

23/02/2014 There are only two places left in the singles competition and the draw for the first round will take place next Sunday the 2/02/2014 so please hurry if you want to join in the competition.

13/02/2014 I would like to start by saying well done to the four anglers that braved the cold the rain and the hail stones for todays match
Mike Chapman took first place with 12 lb 7 oz on peg 37. Geoff Stones was second with 5 lb 4 oz on peg 31. Keith Fisher had third spot with 4 lb 14 oz. Kev Jeffries was the fourth person to fish but realised two hours into the match he was better off at home with a hot cup of tea rather than being pelted with hail stones ( Dont Blame you Kev )

30/01/2014 Another hard and cold day for the 12 anglers that turned out for today's match on the paddock lake. First was Mike Wilson
on peg 37 with 19 lb 5 oz. Second was Harry Muir on peg 21 with 9 lb 10 oz. In Third place was Dave Bacon on peg 40 with 6 lb 15 oz
Fourth place was taken by Barry Fitchu on peg 15 with 6 lb 13 oz he also took Silvers first place with a all silvers bag. Fith on peg 16 was Mike Chapman with 6 lb 9 oz. And in sixth place was Charlie Barnes on peg 9 with 5 lb 1 oz Charlie also took Second place in the Silvers.

20/01/2014 As from next Sunday 26/01/2014,Ted will be taking Entries for the Singles knockout competition. Only 32 places available
So its the first 32 to book in and pay there £5.00 entry fee

16/01/2014 A wet and windy day for the Thursday match today eight people fished Keith Fisher had his first win today with 18 lb 3oz on peg 7 Dave Bacon was second with 10 lb 11 oz on peg 40 both were fishing maggot. Can someone please explain to Dave that his brolly should be above him and not raped around him when fishing.

16/01/2014 when people go to acorn can you drive with care once you turn off of the main road as last Tuesday one car landed up in a hedge and one ended up in the ditch going towards acorn due to the ice. Just a warning to every one

16/01/2014 I have had a phone call from Ray Bazeley today to inform me that Nick Tomkins fell off of his bike on Tuesday on the ice
and has broken his hip, and has or is having an op today. I think as a club we would all like to wish him well and a speedy recovery.

02/01/2014 Well, the first match of the year today on Acorn Top Lake was very hard. Keith Ray won the day with 19 lb 11 oz on punched bread. Mike Chapman took second place with 5 lb 7 oz on maggot. Mike also took First place in the Silvers 5 lb 7oz.

28/12/2013 The Match Dates for 2014 Jan / Feb are now available on the Diary Dates 2014 page the rest of the year will be added in the next week. On the Sunday club Matches with limited Pegs will you please book your place in advance by contacting Nick Tomkins
Tel 07905 912401.
I have also listed the Tuesday Tenner open dates and the Thursday match dates on the top lake ( Members only ) to book in for these Matches you should contact Mike Chapman Tel 07941 348477.
And please do not forget to pay your new 2014 Membership by the end of January thank you.

17/12/2013 The heaviest catch of the year was caught by Geoff Stones 185 lb 8 oz on Paddock peg 24 on the 28/ 7/2013. The heaviest Silvers catch was caught by Kevin Jeffries 25 lb 6 oz on Paddock peg 22 on the 16/6/2013. Well done to both of you.

17/12/2013 I have been asked to remind everyone that next years membership fee can be payed to Ted as from now and the end of January at the Very latest. Thank you

01/12/2013 Two more match dates has been added to this years Diary Dates please view the Diary Dates page for info

25/11/2013 The final results of the Club Championship has now been confirmed.

1.Mike chapman 83 Points. 2. Clive Richards 72 Points, 3. Geoff Stones 67 Points, 4. Keith Ray 47 Points, 5. Bob Feltham 46 Points,

6. Bob Smith 42 Points.


1. Dave Bacon 21 Points, 2. Mike Chapman 14 Points, 3. Charlie Barnes 13 Points, 4. Geoff Stones 10 Points 5. Nick Tomkins 9 Points,

6. Mike Richards 6 Points.

04/11/2013 Christmas Match Can Members please contact Mike Chapman 07941348477 or Ted Bethel to book in for the Christmas Match as soon as possible so they can make the necessary arrangements for the day.

The Singles Knockout final fish off soon. Go to the Singles Knockout Page for info. Also I would just like to say how smart Ray Bazeley looks in his hall of fame picture with his new Preston wet gear you need to keep a jar of gel and a comb in your pocket to finish it off.

Better than Mike Chapman Picture ( scruff ) I think he is practising for the Silvers League.

21/10/2013 Members please make a note on your Calendar The Christmas Match is on the 15th December 2013 so no shopping on that Day. All Match dates are on the diary dates page

05/10/2013 This is a letter that Acorn Fisheries sent to The Bristol Post

Mr Norton

I have today been informed that there will no longer be Angling write ups

in the Bristol Post!!

I would just like to say, that as being a commercial fishery for carp &

match fishing, you could not be so wrong in dropping the results & write

ups in the Bristol Post. These editorials are extremely important not only

for local business's but to the local individuals who participate in the

fishing sport, of which we find we are very busy with the matches during

the week and at weekends.

All of the individual clubs take great pride in their sport of fishing, it

also allows a social for many of the senior members. They love to read the

results on different venues & tactics.

I cannot express how disappointed I am that the Post has not got sufficient

space to carry on with the write ups etc & also of the under estimation

of this multi-million pound sport you have chosen to disregard.

This Bristol Post is mainly for local's, but is widely read especially in

the fishing industry.

I would suggest that you re-think your position in this matter and let the

like's of Roy Garland continue in what he does best for the paper & for the

continuation of the readers of the sport.


Bev Bartlett

(Acorn Fishery)

04/10/2013 The Bristol Post Has now stopped Publishing any articles on Angling. Bob Feltham has wrote to the editor of the Post and asked me to display his letter and the reply he received back from the Post. Please read on

Thought you guys would like to see my letter to the “Bristol Post” and the frankly unbelievable response form the editor.
John can you forward this to Tony Rixon and Mike Nicholls for their blogs. Ted can you notify the Fishery, the club and Ray Bazely so he can get involved as his organisation of the Poppy Appeal match is affected.
I need this letter posted on as many websites as possible and Ray may wish to notify the Angling Times and Mail through his contacts. I guess that Roy Garland is already aware.
There is apparently minority interest in our sport locally!! so lets get a many clubs, fisheries, shops, Post readers, radio stations and the like involved.
I would like this e-mail circulated as far and wide as possible.
I will make it my personal mission not to let this drop.

Thanks & Regards
Bob Feltham

This is my second e-mail as nobody saw fit to answer or even acknowledge the first! Gentlemen Can someone please explain why Roy
Garland’s Angling Section that caters for thousands of local Anglers on a weekly basis has apparently been dropped through “lack of space”. I know that Roy has been submitting copy so what is going on guys. Not sure if the sports section now has an “anti-angling” stance but we have gone from a 2 page spread for years to a 1 page and now to nothing. How is it possible for a local paper to give a 2 page spread on cricket when the season has ended- a page spread on Hockey and Ice Hockey and innumerable pages to Football and Rugby and yet totally ignore the nation’s largest participant sport and pastime?. Trust me when I tell you that there are an awful lot of disenchanted anglers out there made up of match anglers (Coarse, sea and trout), and pleasure anglers of which there are thousands that feel let down by your paper. The Post has always been a paper of the people so what is going on here? I sincerely hope that the new style Post –that bears a remarkable resemblance to other, less reputable “tabloids” has taken the decision to bombard us with endless pages of football news including a full page spread on a local match with about 100 spectators and a half page spread on Derby County and Steve McClaren ?? What possible value is there in this to a local paper reader? And yet no space for thousands of anglers! You couldn’t make it up

Regards form a very angry angler-one of many

Bob Feltham

This is the reply Bob Feltham received

Mr Feltham
Thank you for your email. I suspect you received no reply to your first email because you wrongly spelled the name of the recipient. Furthermore, Steve Mellen is no longer the sports editor.
I note your complaint. It’s clear that you are a keen angler and would like to read about angling in the Bristol Post. However, I believe you are in the minority.
I also note your point about angling as a “nation’s largest participant sport “. According to Sport England’s latest figures, swimming is the nation’s top participation sport followed by athletics, football and cycling. And that is exactly what we are trying to reflect in our new-look sport pages.
There is also a business aspect to my decision to drop angling coverage. It was costing a significant amount of money for something that I consider to have minority appeal.
I’m sure you will not agree with my decision. But I stand by it.
Thank you for taking the trouble to write to me.
Mike Norton

Editor, Bristol Post

21/09/2013 Acorn fishery will re-open next Tuesday 24/09/2013 for the Tuesday tenner match on the top lake. And the SWD&O50's
will have there match next Sunday on the 29/09/2013 on paddock lake. It has been requested by the owners that every one must use the net dips for all there nets before and after every match. Thank you for your co-operation

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